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Japanese wedding-ceremony sake cup

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Japanese wedding-ceremony sake cup - Forani Collection    

Japanese wedding-ceremony sake cup
Forani Collection
Cat. No: IN74-532

Gilded red lacquer sakasuki (ceremonial sake cup), as used by a couple at their wedding, decorated with scene representing a crane in flight above a minogame (hair tailed turtle) and a garden-rake under a pine tree. Late 19th early 20th century, Japan. D 8.00 cm. Acquired: Kyoto, Japan.

Note. The rake and the pine tree make reference to the classical love story Takasago, which is traditionally associated with the wedding ceremony. In this story an old peasant couple, Uba and Joo, are transformed at death by their undying love into two pine trees. In folk art, Uba the old woman always carries a broom, while Joo, the old man carries a rake, and in the context of a marriage, the broom and the rake are sometimes depicted alone along with the crane and the minogame (hair tailed turtle) to symbolize the wedding-couple and signify the wish for longevity and enduring conjugal love as expressed in the puns: haku made (= using the broom) and haku made (= until one hundred), ku made (= using the rake) and kujuku made (=until ninety-nine).

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