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Japanese temple candlestick

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Japanese temple candlestick - Forani Collection    

Japanese temple candlestick
Forani Collection
Cat. No: CH73-835 a

Temple candlestick of bronze, tsurukame shokudai, one of a pair, in the traditional design of a crane, with candle holder in form of lotus flower in its beak, standing on the back of a minogame (hair tailed turtle). Early 20th century, Japan. H 71.00 cm. L turtle 24.00 cm. Acquired: Brussels.

Note: The tsurukame shokudai design reached Japan from China during the Muromachi period (1336-1573). Pairs of candlesticks are placed on or in front of altars in Buddhist temples in Japan and in Daoist and Confucian temples in China, Vietnam and other countries of southeast Asia. The crane and the turtle are symbols of longevity, associated with Daoist immortals from the earliest times.

Photo: John Noone IMG_1868.jpg

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