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Item Thumbnail Catalog Number Site Item Number  
Masai mask Masai mask Cat. No: IN98-1375 0093  
Dogon clan badges Dogon clan badges Cat. Nos: IN08-1465 a, b & IN08-1466 0094  
Dogon cosmetic jar Dogon cosmetic jar Cat. No: IN08-1464 0095  
Dogon door-lock Dogon door-lock Cat. No: IN08-1469 0096  
Senufo thumb-piano, soundboard view Senufo thumb-piano, soundboard view Cat. No: CH72-637 0097  
Senufo thumb-piano, keyboard view Senufo thumb-piano, keyboard view Cat. No: CH72-637 0098  
Ashanti weights for weighing gold Ashanti weights for weighing gold Cat. Nos: CH70-522, 523 & CH73-785 0099  
Ashanti weights and buckles Ashanti weights and buckles

Cat. Nos: CH70-521, 524, 525, 548, 556 & IN10-1494


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