Forani Turtle/Tortoise Collection
Fiji stylized turtle-shaped bowl

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Fiji stylized turtle-shaped bowl


Fiji stylized turtle-shaped bowl
Forani Collection
Cat. No: CH70-689

Bowl of carved wood in stylized turtle form intended as a tanoa (bowl used to mix kava). 20th century, Fiji. L max 48.00 cm. W max 34.50 cm. Acquired: Fiji.

Note. Kava, called also yaqona in Fiji, is a mildly intoxicating and sedating drink made from the crushed roots of the pepper plant, Piper methysticum. It is made and drunk as a traditional social ritual by all the island people of the Pacific. It is said that the Fijian choice of the turtle-form for the mixing bowl derives from the early use of the carapaces of sea turtles for this.

Photo: John Noone IMG_0903.jpg

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